Retailers constantly need to scrutinize margins, costs, inventory movement and levels, understand customer buying trends, design merchandising and sales campaigns supported by the right stock placements and ordering.

The challenge: Business managers need data from many sources to report accurately, and constantly require new reports.

With Interactive Reporting, it’s easy to tie together sales data, with inventory, control systems and financial data.  Interactive Reporting provides advanced analytics and reporting tools to place all the information you need about everything you sell right at your fingertips.

Interactive Reporting gives retailers quick and easy access to critical business metrics like highest gross-margin SKUs, inventory turns and stock levels, order status, and store comparisons by:

  • Having an integrated view of all data, including POS, Accounting, Web, CRM, Marketing
  • Manage KPI’s from one place with multidimensional views across many datasets e.g.:
    • Sales to budget, Sales to last year/period, Sales per sq ft
    • Wage costs, sales cost, store costs, wages to store comparison
    • Average sale per customer, units per customer transaction, conversion rate
    • Sales per hour, sales per store, sales per wage hour
    • Gross margin by product by store by POS operator by time period
    • Inventory turns, sales by location, stock availability, shrinkage
  • Improve merchandising by identifying the top performing products and categories
  • Benchmark the profitability of every product, category, store
  • Look for up sell and cross sell opportunities, by demographic and location
  • Drive more sales and profits by identifying the most successful stores and reps and sharing their best practices
  • Get to know your customer better by analysing purchasing trends, loyalty programs, and comparing regional performance data to syndicated data
  • Identify your most profitable buyers so you can design programs and promotions to keep them informed and visiting often
  • Optimize inventory levels while making sure you can meet the demand from your promotions. Get a full view of your inventory including all returns and a full history of every transaction

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips, contact us.