Operations managers “operate” and this is under pressure of constantly reducing budgets. They don’t have time to endlessly chase data and information. The last thing they want to do is ask IT for another report - they need answers now, online, anywhere, anytime.

Monitor all key figures throughout your entire value chain, from raw materials delivery to finished product/project.

React immediately to budget variances on purchase, production and sales.

Interactive Reporting provides operational department’s access to a Business Intelligence world where they can get on the front foot to improve efficiencies, looking for:

  • Supplier history
  • Cost price by product and trends
  • Components and reliability
  • Quality – manufacturing and end product
  • Production breakdowns
  • Production efficiency
  • Employee turnover and affect on efficiency
  • Value of experienced vs new employee
  • Errors and downtime
  • Overtime and bottom line
  • Better plan and manage opportunities
  • Improve partner relations through communication via a shared portal
  • Review operations information across data from multiple regions or departments

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips to answer these and your own business' questions, contact us.