Senior Management

The four pillars of management are: Plan, Lead, Organise, Control and it is an absolute that in order to manage, senior management needs timely and accurate information.

You can add another extension to this. Senior management need Business Intelligence – online, anywhere, anytime, providing the ability to interrogate findings and disseminate information quickly and securely for action and response. Senior Managers need one overview of the entire business. Controlling the company’s operations and profitability is a key parameter in competitive power/competitiveness.

Business views required by senior management are not fixed, and nor should their Business Intelligence solution be.

Deliberately we are not pre-supposing your senior management needs here, but at Interactive Reporting, we understand that you need answers to questions involving multiple datasets and time based information, with added complexities to deliver performance and profit analysis – online anywhere anytime. You also need instant automated alerts to your sensitivities to be sent to you and the leadership team, for immediate action on headlines and multidimensional mix of many tenets:

  • Profit, cost, margin, asset liability
  • Production, availability, downtime, throughput
  • Demand, fulfilment, delivery
  • Staff, hours, output, wages
  • Product, sales, unit, price
  • Marketing, campaign, demographic
  • Customer, country, state, store
  • Sales, region, rep, channel
  • Year, month, day, hour, minute, period, comparisons

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips to answer these and your own business' questions, contact us.