Distribution & CPG

Reporting for the Sales and Distribution of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is notoriously fickle and has many overlays with retail reporting with the varying goods such as food and beverages, footwear and apparel, and cleaning products.

Competition for consumers' disposable income is intensifying for retailers and brands, motivating consumer goods providers to optimize each step of the product lifecycle and better interpret sales trends. Measuring product demand can be a reactive, inaccurate exercise and making decisions based on old information is dangerous. Access to timely sales and order information is critical to building strong retailer relationships.

Distribution and CPG Business Intelligence needs to include views of data from multiple datasets where placement and timing is everything. Datasets of interest may come from: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and marketing automation, Financial, Transport & Delivery (incl. Fulfilment Cycle), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), scales, batch execution systems, bar code readers and manual data entry systems.

Interactive Reporting enables Brand Managers to see what is sold, where and for how much, down to the most granular level so that managers can know what’s selling and what’s not, in time to make an impact.

What else can Interactive Reporting do for CPG companies?

  • Analyse your products any way you want e.g.: profitability and distribution by product, product line, SKU, customer, region, sales rep, distributor
  • Measure channel effectiveness and share data automatically and securely with your distributors to collaborate and improve operations and sales
  • Highlight buying behaviour
  • Compare market share and monitor to competition by including market data, and competitive information
  • Provide inventory forecasting analysis for optimising product time and place
  • Calculate supply and demand outliers and bottlenecks to assist reducing out of stocks and over stocking at the DC and retail locations
  • Review delivery statistics and optimal schedules to better meet demand
  • Focus reps and distributors where the margins are and where costs can be better managed

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips, contact us.