Interactive Reporting 3.2 Downloads

Jan 5th 2012

IR Software
Regular Desktop Setup .msi
Includes Install program. Easy to install. 9.2 MB
IIS Version Apr 28th 2011 Build
Recommended for larger Installs.
IIS Version Aug 16th 2010 Chinese Build
Chinese language Build.
Emailer 3.2
Emailer with Alerts support for Version 3.2.

Administration Manual
User Manual
Dynamic Dates Info

Upgrade program from V30 to V32
Spreadsheet utility for
building deep links into IR

Utility for checking for presence
Of duplicate keys in lookups to avoid double counting

  Add-on Templates

Add-on Packs

Whats new in V32
IR v3 Overview
IR v3 Tech Overview
Admin Tutorial
Client Side Tutorial