Interactive Reporting Sales Partners

This program applies to companies or individuals who wish to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with Interactive Reporting but don’t want to take on any commitments to provide post sales support and services for Interactive Reporting’s products. The Sales Partner effectively acts as a salesman to sell Interactive Reporting products through existing sales channels.

Examples may include up selling Interactive Reporting into an existing ERP customer base, or selling Interactive Reporting as a complimentary product to new sales opportunities. Bundling Interactive Reporting alongside an existing solution may provide that competitive advantage which may be the difference between winning or losing the whole deal.

Our Sales Partner facilitates the pre-sales process and in return Interactive Reporting provides a sales commission based on the value of the deal. It is that simple and this win/win situation often results in a long mutually profitable relationship. Interactive Reporting will still assist where necessary in the pre-sales engagement to provide technical or other assistance, but the deal is managed by the Sales Partner. Please contact us for details.