Why Interactive Reporting?

Interactive Reporting is a leading Business Intelligence solution for top to bottom analysis, query and reporting of all your business information.  

Many organizations fail to realize the true power and value of their existing business data. By optimizing this data and putting it in a familiar and intuitive format for the end user, Interactive Reporting provides a web browser interface in which users can access their organization's information at their fingertips.

Interactive Reporting eliminates the need to rely on your business applications' pre-packaged "flat" reports, external report writers and spreadsheets, which are only designed to report on transactions and give you no ability for multidimensional summary and analysis.

Are you tired of stitching your reports together in spreadsheets? With Interactive Reporting you can view all of your information in one intuitive web browser interface, online, anywhere, anytime.

Interactive Reporting is easy-to-use for all levels of business users. Novice users can easily create and customize reports with the simplicity of a point-and-click interface. Interactive Reporting’s more powerful features satisfy advanced users’ requirements to create dynamic, multidimensional queries, charts and reports, drill-down between dimensions, apply ad-hoc filters and set user defined periods and date ranges.

Interactive Reporting customers range from international corporations to smaller growing enterprises - they are using Interactive Reporting to accelerate data-driven management decisions and profitability.

Fast to Deploy

Interactive Reporting’s unique two step Template and Mapping design ensures rapid deployment of a best-in-class solution across the web. We have many standard out-of the box Solution Packs to choose from where we can quickly connect Interactive Reporting to your system.

Easy to Use

Interactive Reporting is a complete analysis solution designed for business users - not IT. From a one page user interface, Interactive Reporting delivers powerful ad hoc and multi-dimensional analysis, drill down, graphing, and easy integration with any data source ... all with the underlying Security you would expect from a leading software provider.

Low Cost

You can decide whether you want the advantages of a subscription-based pricing or a traditional one off software licensing fee. Check with us and you will find that our software is one of the most cost effective solutions available today. Also check with our customers to confirm that due to the short implementation time required to get Interactive Reporting up and running, deployment costs are kept to a minimum.